Here are the short and easy tutorials on the grapevine wreath and the moss pumpkins. 

 All you need for this is: 
1. Pumpkin (I used a real one but you can definitely use a fake one that you have bought)
2. Cut out initial (I used cardstock paper)
3. bundle of moss
4. hot glue gun
5. Doily or fabric flower of your choice for embelisshment 
6. I used a push pin for the doily flower

1. Take the moss and your letter and gradually glue down the moss.  I usually just do a section at a time so the entire letter is covered. (you may need to cut any extra moss that is hanging over the sides to make it look more precise)

2. Hot glue the finished moss covered letter on to the center of your pumpkin

3. For the doily flower I literally bundled the doily up to look like a flower and used a push pin to pin it into the pumpkin. It was super easy, no glue required. Just work with it until it looks like a flower.

Super easy!!

All you need is: 
1. Grapevine wreath
2. about 1/2 yard of two different colored fabrics. I used burlap and orange polkadot that I had leftover from last year. I also used extra doilies for embellishments. 
3. hot glue gun
4. Scissors
5. embellishments like tulle, bronze pins (you can find in scrapbook section)
What you do: 
1. For the fabric flowers I used this tutorial.. HERE. I added embellishments, like bronze push pins, doilies and tulle to the center of the flowers. 
2. Hot glue each flower to the desired section on your wreath. I bundled them all pretty close together. 
3. To hang the wreath I just cut a strip of fabric in two even strips to wrap and tie together at the top. 
That's it! Does this all make sense? Let me know if you have any questions! 
Happy Fall Ya'll!!