I officially decorated for Fall! I was actually thinking about not bothering with it this year since I'm about to have a baby, but then decided that it was the perfect year to do it b/c we will have so many people in and out of our house over the next few weeks. Besides that it just makes me HAPPY! I reused everything from the past few years but changed it all up. I wanted it to be natural and rustic. I added a few new DIY projects that I think ended up pretty cute. See what you think! 

 This is one of the DIY projects. I'll do a short tutorial later today. It's a real pumpkin that I added a doily homemade flower and a moss "H" that I made to fit each pumpkin. Took me two seconds and I LOVE how they turned out. 

 Coffee table
 Dining room centerpiece

 Kitchen Table
Kitchen buffet

This was my other project. Fall fabric flower grapevine wreath. I used old scrap fabric I have had leftover from past parties. 

I love everything about fall. It really is my favorite time of year and I am so glad that I will get to bring Brooklyn home to a home filled with fall colors and smells. Can't wait! 
Stay tuned for these tutorials.