This past weekend was opening weekend for bow hunting here in Arkansas. Knowing that second baby was coming in a couple weeks I told Andrew he should go to his "happy place" a.k.a go hunting before the baby came. I know I'm going to be hesitant for him to ever go hunting once we have two kids. Of course he jumped on my idea and got a few of his friends together to go to D and B (his hunting club) and I kept Sawyer from Thursday to Sunday. 

Let me say two things about this last weekend, 1. I was a HUGE baby the entire four days. I truly hit my pregnant wall last week and had the hardest time keeping Sawyer by myself all weekend. I can barely walk, so keeping up with a two year old 24 hours a day for four straight days did me in.
 2. Sawyer was obviously missing his daddy. He acted out the entire weekend and drove me up the wall. All in all it was one of the hardest weekends I've had as Sawyer's mother. I can't wait to feel like myself again. 
So, back to "play hunting".... While Andrew was gone, Sawyer asked "where's daddy" about a million times. I explained how he was hunting for deer and everytime I would explain it he would ask if he could "play hunting too?". I told Andrew how he wanted to play hunt with his daddy and I think it broke Andrew's heart a little. When he got home, Sawyer was still sleeping and Andrew traced and cut out a deer out of cardboard, got his camo masks and hats out and got Sawyer's nerf guns ready. When Sawyer woke up they went on their very own "play hunt" around the house. I thought it was the cutest thing. Andrew is so in love with Sawyer that he can't stand for him to feel like he was missing out at all. They will be two peas in a pod on a deer stand one day soon. Sadly my camera was dead so I just got a picture of Sawyer with his fake deer (that sadly looks like a greyhound dog) and in his camo hat the next day. 
I am seriously so thankful for Andrew and this weekend maybe realize just how thankful I really am. I don't know how I would do this without him. He truly is a better dad than I even imagined he would be, I tell him all the time it was his calling in life to be a father b/c he thrives in his role as a dad. We love you Andrew! 

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