Can't believe she is officially one month old! Here is a little bit about little Brooklyn at one month..

- Brooklyn weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces last week when we went to the doctor. Slowly growing :)

- She sleeps most of the day except for about 2 hours in the morning after she wakes up around 8:00 in the morning to eat and then in the evenings she is awake for a couple hours before bed.

- I put her in her bed around 8:00-9:00 (give or take a few minutes, every ย night is different) and do a dream feed around 10:00 and then she sleeps until about 2:00. After that she wakes up every 3 hours on the dot. Even though I'm up a lot at night I can't complain b/c I'm usually only up for about 15-20 minutes and then she goes right back down when she is done eating. But.. I'm definitely ready for some longer stretches of sleep!

- She seriously is the most content little thing. Of course she cries when she is hungry or tired but she is easily pleased. She doesn't even cry when I change her diaper or change her clothes. She will be awake for a couple hours in the morning and she'll start fussing in her chair or boppy and I'll go put her in her bed and she usually falls fast asleep on her own.

- We have been trying to do eat, wake, sleep method with her and and putting her in her bed while she is awake so she will learn to fall asleep on her own. I never did that with Sawyer and rocked him to sleep every time and I honestly don't have time to do that with her :(. She is doing great at going to sleep on her own. A couple naps she will cry for about three minutes and then fall asleep, but other than that she usually just falls right to sleep without crying.

- Since her second day of life I have been toting her around everywhere and she is a champ at running errands and being on the go. The other day we went all the way to Rogers, ate lunch, went to the park, went to the pharmacy and dropped off dry cleaning without her ever making a peep or even waking up. I'm so thankful she loves her carseat b/c it makes our days so much easier to be able to get out and about instead of cooping up the energetic 2 year old. We try and get out at least once a day.

- She is obsessed with being swaddled. I swear she is swaddled 95% of the day. Even when she is awake she prefers to be swaddled up. She will be fussing and I'll get her in her swaddle and start wrapping her up and she gets really still and quiet. She loves it!

- The only time she is a little "fussy" is in the evenings. She doesn't care if she's held all day until about 6 in the evening and then she likes to be snuggled. It's perfect timing really b/c Andrew is home and one of us can give her more attention.

-During her wake times she is little miss smiley and she has even started cooing. Last night we had her on her bedroom floor and she cooed and made noises for over thirty minutes. Sawyer thought it was so funny. It's so fun to see her start to wake up more and grow into her personality.

One month down, many more to go and I can't wait for all the days ahead!! So far she has such a precious personality, we are truly in love with everything about her. Happy one month baby girl!!