Before we get into our "pillow talk" you should head over to At Home In Arkansas' blog and check out Katie's post!  It showcases some of her favorite repurposed pieces and is great inspiration before a weekend opportunity to peruse flea markets yourself.     

So, since it is that time of year, as in sales all over the place... we decided to put all pillows on sale also!  I kind of have this rule of thumb that I won't buy anything unless it is on sale or from a flea market (if the husband asks then I can claim it was on sale or secondhand).  If you have that same mindset then you now have permission to buy some good looking pillows!!  They are all custom made from high end fabrics with nice zipper closures for easy removal.  Nothing like a new set of pillows to transform your sofa and get it through another season without feeling the itch to replace.  Check out the Shop and keep a look out for a few new additions later today!

~ Meghan

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