Kyle Bunting has taken decorating with hide to a new level.  We've seen the more traditional look of a hide rug.  We've seen metallics used to glam them up... synthetic versions and faux zebra.  But nothing as exciting as what Kyle Bunting is bringing to the drawing board and the best thing is you don't have to live in Texas or Colorado to pull it off.  

   Yes, the above is entirely made of hide, dyed in the richest greens and sewn into that incredible pattern.  Who couldn't find a home for this?

His work speaks for itself.  The creativity to transform something most people would never consider using in their homes or place of business into something that becomes desirable and a piece of art is refreshing.      

It can be elegant and subtle.  

Or a statement piece that defines a room.  Either way, the luxurious feel and the craftsmanship are outstanding.  

His work isn't limited to the floor.  Gorgeous wall installations, pillows and furniture have entered the picture.  

Here are some more of my favorites.  

All images from Kyle Bunting's site.  Browse and drool over the endless designs and colors.  The world of hide is your oyster... seriously.  

~ Meghan

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