Typically I feature five very different favorites from this week.  This week, I can't stop myself from featuring five of my favorite Mirth Studios hardwood floor tile designs.  I am so excited thinking of all the areas we could install these and LOVE the idea that they are wood. floor. tiles.  How easy is that?  I have a soft spot in my heart for painted wood floors so this is a no brainer.  What isn't a no brainer is how I'm narrowing it down to five designs...

1.  Illusion - The exciting thing about these tiles, other than the obvious, is you can use them in a number of applications!  They can be backslashes in a kitchen, apply to your ceiling... commercial spaces.  Love the 3-D effect these put off.  

2.  Poppy Coral - This is going in a little girl's room at some point.  I need to do some more research on use in a bathroom but wouldn't it be a perfect floor for your daughter's bathroom?  

3.  Tides Border Weathered - They have designed a borders collection.  I love a border in a foyer or dining room.  This blue & white is speaking to me.  They also have solid tiles so pairing with their borders is seamless.  

4.  Cafe - Here is an example of how the tiles lay out together.  This pattern is so classic and will be beautiful in a small entry or I love these for a kitchen backsplash!  

5.   Greek Key - Grey & Platinum - And the most classic design of all!  This color palette and design are another win anywhere.  You could even border with this and choose one of their beautiful solids.  

I have always loved a painted wood floor but the time it takes and even more importantly the durability of them can be difficult.  This takes both questions off the table!  Love a southern designer and a product that allows everyone to customize their spaces in a special way!  

~ Meghan

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