Thankful we get a Friday every week (needed it)!  This week flew by and thanks to a cold front, Fayetteville is in the throws of fall... I may have turned on the heat for just a little bit this morning.  How busy is the Starbuck's line this morning with everyone waking up to a craving for pumpkin lattes (did you know they have no pumpkin in them... zero. pumpkin.  Not judging, I drink them...).  

Five favorites on my mind this morning: 

1.  I may be off here but I really love an animal dressed in clothes.  It goes back to childhood so there are probably some issues to work through but this Etsy shop has been a favorite for a couple years now.  LoopyLolly has the BEST whimsical prints and really wonderful prices.  I put a few in my son's nursery and smile every time I see them.  The one above, I believe, is a newer print and I'm considering it for the playroom.  Please check the shop out.  There are so many and you will not be able to choose.  Speaking of gallery wall material!    


2.  The way many new houses are designed today, with the roof changes and bonus rooms, those small dormer spaces are running rampant.  I love using every inch of a room and who doesn't need a cozy place to land with a book?  Consider having a platform built in, throw a cushion on top and as many pillows as you can stand.  Switch out the can light and you have a little jewel box space that encourages you to slow down for a minute.  


3.  Are these not the best pink?  Kind of a Le Creuset junky but even if I wasn't I would have these on my christmas list.  Style doesn't stop with your cookware!  


4.  If only I had hours to spare for projects like this.  I'm envisioning a seasonal shadow box above my nightstand filled with these.  

5.  I hope y'all come back next week after this conglomerate... but, if you're not aware, this is the 75th anniversary of the movie Gone With the Wind.  I'm a fan.  A big fan.  Considering hosting a watch party (move is 4 hours long) with southern food, beverages and if I really want to freak everyone out, period attire.  So, when I came across this article I thought yes!  I'll be that crazy fan that visits the restored facade of Tara!  (my lab is named Tara for anyone who was wondering just how invested in this book/film I am)  Now, this does have design relevance.  Restoration and preserving history be it a facade or not is important.    

Y'all come back now!

~ Meghan

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