Rattan furniture has long been a staple on porches and in sunrooms throughout.  Its' durability is incredible and allows for generations to enjoy the same furniture that has provided many outdoor evenings worth of comfort.  This time of year we are inundated with outdoor spaces, furniture, accessories... but what about bringing some of our outdoor pieces indoors?  That concept isn't so new anymore with the use of indoor/outdoor textiles wherever you want some durability and the outdoor furniture that could just as easily grace your family room as it does your patio.  Don't let a category on a website control where you use a piece of furniture.  

Fun little history lesson here:  I tend to interchange the use of wicker and rattan but wicker is actually the technique of weaving the material (rattan or any other material) into the intricate pattern.  Rattan is the material used.  So, now we can all move forward maybe having learned something today.  

We are seeing more and more rattan pieces hitting the mainstream and as always, what is old is new again.  Not only do I encourage adding a rattan item into your exterior decor but I'm more focused on how it can impact your interior spaces.  We talk about layering a room and capturing a wide range of textures in your space; this is an excellent way to achieve those two elements.  With the wide range of styles you can incorporate a modern line or a very traditional elaborate design.  First decide where you in your room do you need to add some interest, some texture and see if you can use a rattan piece there.  Side tables, coffee tables and bar carts are really good ways to use this material.  

We've pulled together some favorites for you but a really good source (at least in NWA) for rattan furniture is your local Craigslist.  Seriously, great prices and very often all you need to do is clean the furniture and put a fresh coat of paint on it then get overwhelmed with your fabric options for cushions.  Can't even get started on how much fun you can have with that!  Now, our current favs:

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~ Meghan