So, a little late to the party I'm absolutely sure but just figured out yesterday that Ballard Designs carries wallpaper online now?   Anyone else know about this?  Yep?  Ok.  

Pulled together some of my favorites.  They are not bad prices and I like a quick ship anything because who else decides on a Monday to wallpaper a room for a party that coming Saturday?  Anyone else?  But really, that urge to overhaul a room before entertaining is real.  


Love that this immediately takes you to the ocean.  Gorgeous in a bathroom possibly?  

I'll be upfront; this isn't the cheapest of the wall coverings but it might be worth it.  Look at it up close on Ballard's site because the range of colors and the texture looks incredible.  I really want to wrap my master bedroom in this depth.  

Love a ticking stripe.  Love them.  This black and white ticking stripe would be wonderful in a small sitting nook or if you have an enclosed foyer how fun would it be to throw this up then contrast it with an industrial lamp, narrow console and oversized abstract?  If you wanted to get even crazier you could trim your walls in a grosgrain ribbon and you have (pretend) upholstered walls.  Oh yes you do.  

Another well done small print.  What doesn't go with blue?  It describes this as a navy so I will definitely be ordering samples of these for verification but really like the scale.  

Saved almost my favorites for last (the ticking stripe wins out) but getting super excited about this trellis.  There are a few other colors but this one makes me think of a small den that leans masculine but then you have this feminine trellis on the walls.  Or maybe a dining room that wants to be moody but can't go all the way because you're winking at a 19th century sunroom?  

Has anyone tried any of the wall coverings from Ballard?  How long have they been around?  Probably forever and somehow in my browsing I blinked whenever hovering over that link.  It can be overwhelming looking for wallpaper online so having an edited selection to choose might be a relief to some!  

~ Meghan

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