Here is a little bit about my life and my little family.
 I met my husband Andrew when I was 14 and he was 16 years old at our highschool in Little Rock. We literally grew up a couple blocks apart and fell in love at a very young age. I had a HUGE crush on him and he had a crush on me and low and behold the Lord brought us together! Andrew is still the love of my life 11 years later. We have been married since July of 2005.

Andrew a.k.a (Noony, the noons, nunu) is truly a better husband than I deserve and I thank God for him everyday. He is my rock, my comic relief, and the best baby daddy I know! He is in the construction management field here in Fayetteville.

By far the best thing Andrew and I have experienced together is welcoming our son Sawyer into the world on April 7th, 2009. Even though he put me through the world's worst labor, that day was the happiest day of our lives and we can't imagine life without him now. He makes my heart grow bigger every day! Sawyer is wild and loud but has the most tender heart. We have been so blessed by his sweet spirit and endearing personality. Sawyer climbs, runs and jumps everywhere, throws a football like a 22 year old quarterback, but at the end of the day would rather be sitting on one of our laps cuddling in front of a movie. He has been a joy to parent and even though he absolutely wears me out, he makes my job SO much fun!
Sawyer was diagnosed with life threatening asthma in January 2011 after he almost died because of an attack. He was airlifted to Little Rock Children's hospital where he spent two nights in ICU. We are so beyond thankful that he fought hard and got better. He is our little trooper. He gets weekly shots, takes tons of medicine, sees tons of specialists and through it all he always comes out with a smile. We have a close bond with him because of eveyrthing we have been through. He has changed my life in SO many ways and I am so thankful for His life.

On October 17th, 2011, all of my dreams came true when we welcomed our daughter, Brooklyn Faith Henry into this world. I have longed for a girl my whole life and with Andrew being from a family of generations filled with all males, I was setting myself up for having all boys. I thought it was going to be impossible for me to have a girl with the "Henry" genetics. But low and behold I got my girl! She is the sweetest little thing ever. We are still getting to know this angel but so far she is the easiest, quietest and happiest baby. Smiles at me ALL the time and hardly ever cries. I don't know how I got so lucky. I am looking forward to watching this baby girl grow and looking forward to all the fun we are going to have together.