Happy Wintery Friday!!
So. Anyone who knows me well or anyone who has seen me twice ever in the last year will tell you that I love a good cardigan. I am sure all my close friends and sisters are probably laughing right about now. But here is the deal. They come in all different colors, styles, textures and they can change an entire outfit.
If you are going for the casual, "I don't care, but still look Hot!" look there are many cardigans that are perfect for achieving that look. Just look at this cute old navy cardigan for only $26
Put it with a cute American Apparell T and a cute scarf and call it a day! By the way this is definitely something I pull out once a week to wear! An easy and cute GO TO outfit.
Lets say you want to dress up a cardigan for dinner or even church. Pair this cute cardigan with a fun oversized white collared shirt, leggings, fun boots, and a long layered necklace and you will be walkin in style!

Now, when it comes time to really put your Party Cardi on, why not reach for some Sequins! I'll do a whole post on sequins later but I am loving some sequins this season. You can use it to dress up an outfit or just wear it with a fun pair of ripped jeans and a plain white T.

Everything I have found a link for is affordable and easy to find. But there is one more cardigan I found that is definitely going on my Wish List! I saw it on anthropologie.com and think its an adorable cardigan!
Ooohhh La La!!
Hope ya'll enjoyed our first Fashion Friday! I also hope that everyone is staying warm and cozy over this wintery, cold weekend! I'm just praying our electricity stays on, I'll keep you posted.

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