I CANNOT believe that my Sawyer bear is 10 months old! Sunday he turned 10 months and I seriously am still in shock that this first year with him has almost come full circle.  I am actually becoming very sad and sentimental about this baby turning a year old. I so wish time could just stop! But since it can't I am going to start planning the fun b-day celebration and continue to watch my little guy turn into a little person. We are so thankful for every day we have with Sawyer. Just last night Andrew was sitting on the bed cuddling with him and he said "I can't believe we thought life was even fun before Sawyer! He makes everything so much happier and sweeter!" Couldn't of said it better myself! All that to say here is a little Sawyer update at 10 months:

- He naps 2 times a day for a couple hours each
- He eats 3 BIG meals a day and still takes 4 bottles. The child seriously will eat Anything and Everything! He also makes sure that he doesn't leave any mess, it all makes it in his mouth. Quite funny!
- He still sleeps about 11 hours every night and many mornings wants to cuddle and sleep with me in bed. 
- Says BaBa, Dada, and gives kisses on demand. No MAMA yet! :(
- Crawls everywhere and now stands up on everything. 
- His personality is still so sweet. He loves his mama and dada and always likes to have his eyes on what we are doing. He gives us cuddles, kisses and happy squeels all the time. We can't get enough! 
- He is a major OBSERVER! He will stare the living day lights out of you or win any stare contest out there. 
- He hasn't gone through the attachment thing yet (Fingers crossed) which is nice for babysitters and nursery workers. I'm sure its coming though. 
- His favorite thing right now is opening and closing every drawer, cabinet or bedroom door in the house. I think we spend about half our day doing that right now. 
- Overall his favorite things in life right now are: EMMA, FOOD, PRAISE BABY, BATHS and Any book especially Brown Bear!. (Now that I think about it not much has changed since he was an itty bitty baby)
-Two weeks ago he weighed exactly 22 pounds and is wearing all 12-18 month clothes now. As everyone points out, he looks bigger than me; He is still our big ole boy! 
-  He is still pretty bald, but hair is coming in fast and it looks CURLY!! Can't wait to see if it really will be. 
Anyway I could probably keep going and going so I'll stop it here. Hope that gives you a little insight into our little life with Sawyer right now. We feel so blessed!