SATURDAY! Oh what a day! My day started off with my sweet husband taking off to go hunting at 4:30 in the morning. I actually have been wanting him to do something for himself because he seriously has been MR. MOM for the last three weeks because of some health issues I have been having (more on that later, Nothing big!). Then a couple hours later I hear my Sawyer bear start stirring. 6:30!! Oh I can't get that child to sleep any later in his crib.. Any ideas? A lot of mornings I can give him a bottle in bed and he'll go straight back to sleep with me or Andrew. But of course on this lazy Saturday morning he woke up a WILD MAN! So since I was still so sleepy I turned on some cartoons and let the monkey man climb all over me for an entire hour.

After my semi-lazy morning in bed I  finally got up and was on a mission to have my monthly baby food cook off! I have been cooking Sawyer's baby food since he was 5 months old and it is something I have really enjoyed doing. It's easy, cheap, healthy, and always a crowd pleaser for my little man! I'll defintely be posting some favorite recipes of ours throughout this blog.

The recipe I'll post today is for babies about 7 months and up who are eating finger foods successfully. This was my first time to make this concoction and he GOBBLED it up!

Cheesy Turkey and Pasta
- 1 lb ground turkey
- 1 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta of your choice (farfalla or a spiral noodle is good for babies because they can pick it up easier)
- 1 cup peeled, sliced and cooked carrots or add any veggies you know your baby likes (peas, squash, etc..)
- 1/4 cup chicken broth
- 2 cups of colby/jack shredded cheese
-1/4 cup applesauce
- Dash of Garlic Powder
- Brown turkey in a skillet with the dash of garlic powder
- Cook pasta like regular and then drain when finished
- Add remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix all together, place in a baking dish and cook at 350 degrees until bubbly and heated through (about 15 minutes)
- Serve after cooled down and store the rest for later.
This makes about 10 meals for Sawyer. After it cools down I cut it into squares and place in ziplock bags to freeze. This can freeze up to about a month and a half.  When ready to serve to your baby just defrost in a microwavable bowl and you are ready to go! Let me know if you try if for your little one, even if they are a picky eater I bet they'll like it! How could any baby resist cheesy goodness?!