About Katie grace designs


Katie Grace Designs was established by designer Katie Henry in 2012 after her natural eye for design collided with her passion to help those around her cultivate their personal space.  

The first 3 years of her business took place building a portfolio of residential and commercial clientele in Northwest Arkansas. While she still caters to her clients in that area, Katie has spent the last 3 years developing her business in Central Arkansas. 

Katie Grace Designs specializes in a variety of projects including full remodels, new construction, residential design,  and commercial design - including boutique storefronts, restaurants, and concept design. 



Katie Henry - Lead designER

Katie started Katie Grace Designs with a desire to help people bring their spaces to life.  Whether it be a complete remodel, refurnishing someone’s home, or even helping recreate a single room, she reveals the true potential and beauty of each space. Katie brings individuality and personality to each design by incorporating unique one of a kind pieces, so that no space is like the next. 

Her appreciation for a variety of design styles allows her to work well with a wide range of clients. Adaptability is something that differentiates her. She sustains this by focusing on the client and their specific needs rather than the design style alone. In the initial phase of the design process, she aims to get inside the mind of each client in order to adapt to the style they are desiring. Her goal is to create a cohesive sophisticated design for them while keeping it functional and livable. 

The design process is something that should be fun, creative, and exciting. Ensuring that her clients find the process enjoyable is an aspect of her business that Katie strives to maintain by taking on the task of construction management. She works closely with every facet of the design team - from assisting architects with drawing plans, teaming up with contractors to keep the design cohesive and on budget, as well as walking hand-in-hand with the client to ensure they end up living in a space they could only dream of. 

“I love getting to the end of a project and seeing everything that I envisioned come to life. But my very favorite part of this job is to see the reactions of the clients and how the space brings goodness and happiness to their life. Just seeing the families actually live in the space and the contentment it brings them gives me so much purpose within my job. To see them not only love it, but live in it well - that is my goal.”

Katie resides in Little Rock, Arkansas with her 2 children and is getting married in June 2018 to the love of her life. She spends her free time with her kids and fiancé enjoying the outdoors.



Corrie Rusch - Assistant Design

Corrie Rusch joined Katie Grace Designs in 2013. She serves as Katie’s right-hand assistant in Northwest Arkansas and she is the go-to for construction management and design. Her natural ability to see, appreciate, and cater to detail is a vital part of KGD's design process. Corrie’s passion for breathing life into new spaces, creating unique and beautiful surroundings, as well as the joy she brings to any project makes her an asset to this team. 


Meghan Teeter - Design Associate

Meghan Teeter joined Katie Grace Designs in 2014 and resides in Fayetteville, AR where she primarily focuses on the E-Design services, as well as assists with Northwest Arkansas clients. Meghan is a wife and mother of two children with a background in commercial real estate and a passion for architecture. She strives to create timeless spaces that serve as a haven from the outside world, as well as reflects the client’s passions and personality.